23 September 2008

Time out

You know when you call your Mom on a Saturday afternoon sobbing uncontrollably--to the point of hiccups and shaking--and she puts you on Time Out (always a high point)?

Then you'll also remember how you thought the Time Out was a really good idea so you say to your friends and colleagues all the time, "Sorry, I can't, I'm on Time Out. My mom said." But everyone just thinks it's a joke and so doesn't take it seriously, and after a week goes by where you spent just as little time at home and breathing as the one before, you realize that there really aren't that many things you are at liberty to cut out of your schedule because said friends and colleagues are depending upon you all the time.

And in the end, dear reader, you recall why it was the principle of the thing that mattered. And principles being what they are in this modern age, you'll understand why Time Out was no match for free tickets to fancy seats at a Giants game (still hate 'em...) with Tim Lincecum on the mound (...even though he's like an adorable little elf and their win actually helped the Dodgers).

Nor did Time Out stand a chance against Chihuly or his eye patch at the deYoung.

Mmmmmm. Glossy. Sparkly. Shiny. If I had stuff like that at home, Time Out might be more successful.


Rachel said...

This post made me think of several things I love:
1.) Dale Chihuly
2.) Eye patches
3.) The Dodgers being in first place.

Now, if I could just get my hands on some chocolate it would be a lovely morning.

Renee said...


alisa said...

i'm glad you finally went to the chihuly exhibit, i told you it was cool. nice job scoring the baseball tickets too. and now, i too am in the mood for chocolate.

Lynn said...

As your mother I have to say I created the monster that is sucking away your free time! Maybe the Time Out was for both of us. Do you remember when you wanted to go to Europe for a semester and I encouraged you to do so...well it's never been the same since! I can't help putting off something dull for something fun. So, with that in mind...I also am glad you went to the Chihuly exhibit because I was SO SAD to miss it. And as far as baseball goes...some of my most relaxing times have been sitting at a baseball game in a state of half conscienceness! I guess the point is, time outs give you the mandate to pick and choose the activities that will bring peace to your life...I think you have chosen well.

Sarah said...

my friends,

if you have love for all things chihuly, i offer you a field trip to Temple of Chihuly in Tacoma


also, i live there, so two birds w/ one stone. or glass pebble. whatever.