20 September 2008

I love Rachel & Jorge

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to present to you Mr. and Mrs. Jorge and Rachel Ambrocio:

Here you see them sporting the wedding gifts Drew, Alica and I won for them the night before the ceremony when we hit some skee ball in preparation for the big day.

Here you will see some more dignified (yawn) pictures of the event. Actually, they're quite lovely (that's their photographers' blog and, so far, Michael is my favorite of all siblings' weddings' photographers). Welcome Jorge--you're the berries! I hope you can learn to like pinochle and Silverado.


Renee said...

awwww...those pictures are LOVELY!! Yay for Rachel and Jorge!

Sarah said...

man i love skeeball.

徐若瑄Vivian said...
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Charlotteazss said...

man i love skeeball.