17 January 2008

14 January 2008

Jump into 2008

Blogfolk, I return with glad tidings of a happy new year and jumping pictures!

Long a staple here, here and here, I have finally succumbed to posting some of my own jumping pics because this one of me in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle is GLORIOUS (look at that shadow behind my arm--how did that even happen?!?! Good work LXIII)! I could not be more pleased with the way the new year began, rung in by 63, Ashley and I--with a little early help from Renee--at Disneyland (don't judge me; do click that link). A few more disney jumps...

I was supposed to send this last one to Renee so she could blog it, but you saw it here first--that's right, folks, a Your Bird exclusive. Sorry Crusty Dusty--but you do look amazing! I know what you're thinking, dear reader: "Where did you find time to ride rides what with so much jumping" --and you know jumping pictures take time. Eventually our calves needed a break and I opted to bring back a former photographic passion: blurring lights.

Just so you know for the next time you see me, this is what I look like in 2008. Don't be afraid.