30 April 2008

Lovely #1

Things for sale at http://davidhorvitz.com/if/.

I was about to buy an apology letter, but I saw how many have already been purchased and am worried that at this point all the really juicy apologies have been given, so now I'm trying to decide between an MFA donation and a cookie give-away. I'm also really tempted to spend part of my rebate check to buy the PO box, though I'd like to go on record as being morally opposed to the rebate (doesn't mean I'm not going to cash it).

My newest gmail category: Awesome

Like trips to Utah, I've noticed that blog posts are best when both short and sweet. I've also noticed that, like trips to Utah, blog posts are more often than not prompted by life events (read: funerals) and familial demands (read: blind dates). Hoping to roll all this that I've learned into a more efficient system of yourbird blogging I bring you, dear reader, the new Awesome post. These posts will contain things I think are Awesome. They will offer little explanation in the hopes that you will follow the accompanying link to said Awesomeness. Before launch, a brief discussion of the word 'Awesome'...

I feel this is one of those words that has been phased out and made to be uncool, much like 'groovy' and 'tubular' and 'tight'. Kind readers who have chosen to forget this blogger's age might find themselves suddenly wondering why a hip and savvy urbanite is using such outmoded forms of expression (by the by--'hip' and 'savvy' are surely on this list as well). Why not 'hot' or 'heckof' or 'fierce' (from Christian's lips to Ugly Betty's first night back from the strike. Oy--for more on how I feel about this word, please read paragraph 2 here). Others of you will have expected a more refined and Empire-sounding adjective from a blog whose reading level is high school. But would 'scrumptious' or 'delightful' or 'spot on' really have ended up anywhere but on the same list? I think not. So I give you Awesome. Because that's the first word that comes to my mind when I see something I really like.

Scratch that. I just realized the first word that really comes to mind when I see something I really like is 'Lovely' and so said new posts will be called Lovely, followed by a numerical marking. I'm suddenly looking forward to the opportunity of referring to them in the plural as Lovelies. I was about to delete all that above, but then I thought, "Eh. Full disclosure. This is how I roll."

16 April 2008

Participatory Art

Give that Play button a click to listen and vote for my favorite Larry's remix of Radiohead's Nude. Can I tell you how much I love the world wide webernet and online 2.0 creative community thinking for making projects like this so accessible to shmos like you and me?

Should there be a 'c' in 'shmo'? And maybe an 'e'?

Regardless, bless you Radiohead--in a world brimming with proprietary entitlement, you share your deep black well of grooving sadness freely with us all and even encourage us to participate. Let Bono fight poverty--you guys just keep breaking down the wall.