29 October 2009

Best birthday cake ever

Baked Alaska from Ici (mine looked a bit bloodier inside--inner layer: raspberry rose, outside layer: strawberry--so I clipped this from the website). It was so much better than I had even dared to dream! Thank you, husband, for listening and remembering when I talk about the things I love. You're the berries.

11 October 2009

Post Season

Major League Baseball's post season has brought with it many sudden gifts...

1. a victorious Los Angeles, and its environs

2. this Cabot cheddar commercial

3. a slightly less attentive husband (not all gifts are good)

4. ample TV time with which to upload the dreaded wedding pics

And by dreaded, I hope you know I really mean beloved. So heartily beloved, in fact, that their absence from this blog has given me great pain and kept me from moving on to less weighty matters of posting, such as the lemon icebox pie I made this weekend and my opinion of twitter. I mean, it's been 6 months! Nobody cares anymore! But I can't let it go, so here in short order is Part One: in which our hero Cameron Cunningham goes from sleepless completion of a midterm lab write-up, to wedded bliss on the lawn of the Los Angeles LDS Temple. Photos courtesy* of Jorge Ambrocio and Barbara Cunningham (much love to them both).

*I know there were more of you taking pictures that day. We'd love to see them sometime!