04 November 2008

It's just been raining on my face

Rather than betray how much I cared about today, I offer you a few items of little consequence:

1. I heart Jim Lehrer. For awhile I feared he was going a bit senile, but now I just think he's begun drinking during work hours. Tonight he "dazzled" me with his electoral map (his words) and went on for 45 seconds about Missour-ee vs. Missour-uh.

2. Somebody already stole my "New New Deal" line.

3. Apparently J. Peterman just won a House seat in New York.

Oh, and yes we can.


Ryan said...

Three thoughts

Truly a great day for America.

I find myslef watching the newshour more often myself. I've become my parents

I hear the son of Biden may be his replacement in the Senate.

Renee said...

It rained on my face too. I love that kind of rain on my face. I think Jesse Jackson was in the rain too.

Lynn said...

I hope we can! I voted for the guy because we need a change...and I hate the republican party (see my blog)..okay, okay, I hate the democratic party too! I am just so happy to have it all over for awhile. I didn't see any of the election coverage because I was phone banking and then had to get G4 from the airport...and I really didn't feel like I had missed anything. I hope we are not too broken to be fixed. Perhaps a little less greed, power-mongoring, arrogance, hyperbole, meaness, bad behavior and dishonesty would be a good start. Here's to hoping for the best...and being prepared to give it my best as well.

Sarah said...

i'm secretly waiting for the phone call that calls me off to do great things and rebuild the country. and i thought that part of me died a very long time ago.

Crazymamaof6 said...

Courtney! i found you. it's me. Julie Jones. i found Sarah on Facebook. and she directed me to you! I've been searching for you for years! come see my blog. and my email is on the sidebar.
you look FABULOUS!

hugs! julie