28 February 2008

The Gang (TM) in our nation's capitol

A couple of weeks ago Shawn here...

...got hisself hitched in Washington DC, so The Gang (TM) got out their quart-sized toiletry baggies and started a phone tree to address whether or not we'd be bringing jackets and if we were going to get something to eat, while Diego, stretching his arms behind his head, said to us, "Naw, you guys go ahead. I think I'm just gonna stay in the room. No really, you guys go ahead." So we headed to our nation's capitol.

Apparently I'm not allowed to call this the Friends Trip (TM) , because apparently the Friends Trip (TM) entails certain unquantifiable elements that make it the Friends Trip (TM). But from my point of view, this trip contained all the things we like.



Novelty Photography

and Smiles

Why you gotta fight a good thing, Chippy?

05 February 2008

If you're having trouble with the big words...

blog readability test

Now I'm wondering if there's a site that will give me a MPAA rating.

02 February 2008

Your Default Song

Work buddy Adam comes to my side of the wall yesterday to tell me what song is in his head (Sheena Easton's "Morning Train"--brutal), I then tell him what song is in my head ("Get Me to the Church on Time"--no joke!), and this all leads to a conversation I can't believe I've never had before: default songs.

Adam asked if there was one particular song that most often comes into my head whenever I try to think of a song to sing to myself, or for something to drown out other noises, voices, thoughts, songs, etc...and the answer is ABSOLUTELY! I've thought about the weirdness of this several times, but I don't think I've ever verbalized it or heard it from someone else. Before I reveal my default song, dear reader, let me make clear that I do not have an affinity for said tune and I can't for the life of me figure out why in a life filled with music this is the one song that makes the most recurring and uninvited appearance.

This has been going on for almost two decades:

Welcome to my nightmare: "Walk of Life" by Dire Straits (seeing it in video form makes it even worse). All the time, friends. All the time. So if you've ever thought to yourself "What's her problem?!" well, now you know.

I hope I'm not betraying Adam when I tell you that his default song is "You Are My Special Angel" by Bobby Helms (and Adam: you HAVE to read the note from Bobby's daughter on the youtube page--she'd be so happy this is your default!).

Care to share your default song with the world? It feels good to get it off your chest--just hit that handy "comments" link...