16 April 2008

Participatory Art

Give that Play button a click to listen and vote for my favorite Larry's remix of Radiohead's Nude. Can I tell you how much I love the world wide webernet and online 2.0 creative community thinking for making projects like this so accessible to shmos like you and me?

Should there be a 'c' in 'shmo'? And maybe an 'e'?

Regardless, bless you Radiohead--in a world brimming with proprietary entitlement, you share your deep black well of grooving sadness freely with us all and even encourage us to participate. Let Bono fight poverty--you guys just keep breaking down the wall.


Rachel said...

There is a 'c' in schmo. No 'e'. I consulted my "Yiddish to English" dictionary.

Great remix. It made Radiohead sound, as if it were possible, even more melancholy. In a "let's each giant bowls of chocolate pudding to fight off the oncoming malaise they bring with them" sort of way. Which, let's be honest, is not such a bad way to spend a few hours.

Niles said...

I'm getting a PhD in foreign swearology. "Schmoe," or "Shmo," is a yiddish term, as Rachel pointed out, and it's absolutely filthy, you mishugena goy.
Although, it's not as bad as calling someone a "putz," a "yutz," or a "shikseh."
Y'all can Kish Mein Touchess. Oi, veh!