02 July 2007


I have a new policy.

I spent last summer in LA doing an internship at the California Science Center (where you can experience my handiwork right now). Before I began, however, I drove cross country with my friend Corby to move him to upstate New York where he is--even now, as you read this--mowing several acres of lawn for Academy Award winner Timothy Hutton. Sometime on our second run through Tennessee (we had to backtrack three hours from Nashville to Memphis in order to see Graceland--totally worth it) I got a call from my bumbling and irate landlord informing me that the girl I had found to sublet my place was certainly NOT allowed to live there, meaning I had to pay rent all summer for a place I wasn't living in. Poo. (By the by, Norman just sold the place...may the golden era of parking in the driveway and laundry after 9pm begin!).

When I got to LA, Renee, Joey, and Sandra graciously allowed me to stay on their couch for free during the weekdays (bless you all! i wish you much joy with the new season of SYTYCD--may it get better each time you rewatch it). Renee and I, finding ourselves under the same roof for the first time in six years, had decided that summer 2006 would undoubtedly be the BEST SUMMER EVER.

I can't speak for Renee, but I think summer 2006 certainly holds up with the best of them. And in the spirit of its success, I've decided on a new policy. Every summer shall henceforth be referred to as the BEST SUMMER EVER. Now, I know all you nitpickers and "best-of" listmakers out there will shudder at the thought of equally weighting all summers, but that's just not the case. Does it wrongfully diminish past summers to endow current summer with expectancy and hopefulness? I think not. The BEST SUMMER EVER is the summer you're in, and I'm in summer 2007 which, eleven days in, is indeed the BEST SUMMER EVER. My cruiser agrees, and she urges you to do the same.


Renee said...

As you know...I'm in the habit of simultaneously declaring many things the best (fill in the blank) EVER. It matters not that I had an equally good (or perhaps even better) banana cream pie just a few weeks before declaring the current pie the BEST BANANA CREAM PIE EVER! All it means is that I'm fully embracing the moment and wholeheartedy loving what is before me. So, not only do I agree, but I give you permission to henceforth declare all summers the BEST SUMMER EVER! I too will will embrace the policy (for summer 2006 was, indeed, among the best of them). Happy BEST SUMMER EVER to you! And may you have many more!

lindsaylark said...

Oh my goodness, it's such a small world. I'm Whitney's sister you met the other night and I was looking at Bret's blog and clicked on yours and about died when I saw that you were friends with Corby. I'm really good friends with his little brother Kyle. It's such a small world. Anyway, it was nice meeting you- glad to know that B and Whit have such nice friends in Alameda!

Matt said...

First off, just have to say your blog is way cool. It looks super cool, you have probably a billion posts (at least) and I'm way jealous, but at the same time, happy that I know someone who is this cool.
However, on the topic of this particular post, I must object. I don't think that you can tout a summer as the best ever until it is completed. Just like you can't definitely rate a movie as the best ever until after you have seen it. Sure, you can go in with the idea that the movie will be the best ever, but until it happens, it is just a dream.

Sarah said...

Dude, did you get a beach cruiser? Rad!!!

Navajubh said...

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