06 June 2007

Welcome Welcome

I thought I'd begin this blog with a little trip to an art opening in the hopes of coming off as much more cultured than I deserve to have a reputation for. In reality, I watch far too much television to be considered truly cultured--and I hate ballet. This is an installation shot of my friend Casey's solo show "There Is No End To Matter" showing at Swarm in Jack London Square until June 17th.
Casey calls himself a Mormon artist (not "LDS") and I like this so much about him. The pieces have all these spiritual and cultural elements woven together that speak about how we don't compartmentalize this stuff (or at least I don't). Spirit and matter, art and life, religion and culture, purity and filth...it's all in this pot of mortality where every bit is touching every other bit. His artist's statement is rad:

1. The artist is tired of "Mormon Art" that is illustrative, didactic, manipulative, saccharine, and poorly executed; and 2. The artist is tired of "Contemporary Art", that is didactic, elitist, text-heavy, political, far-left-leaning, spiritually void, unattractive, pornographic, anti-religion, soul-less, and poorly executed.

Ya feeling that? I feel like he's created this aesthetic that I can relate to on a very contemporary and personal level. I was thrilled by what I saw--occassionally moved, and entirely stimulated. I like when audiences are encouraged to reject constructed dichotomy.
Aw crap. I blew it, didn't I? I said "dichotomy" in my first blog entry--now you'll never come back, right?! I'm sorry! I'll make it up to you, I swear! My next entry will be about puppies or kites or cookies, I promise. Anyway, this is me looking very happy to be so close to a collage of Book of Mormon illustrations (a la the primary felt storyboard).

I also want to mention the sad departure of Ali, who has gone off to teach art to the unschooled barbarian tribes of the mountain west. Bon voyage, and good luck. FYI--Ali actually touched one of the artworks--I saw it with my own eyes! It was appalling! Here she is keeping a respectful distance for appearance sake:

She is standing in front of a collection of Casey's church drawings, which I highly recommend you take a look at--they represent years of drawing in sacrament meeting and various assorted auxiliary meetings. They are fabulous: http://www.caseyjexsmith.com/drawings/drawings.htm

And here is Mackenzie, who also seemed to have it out for the art:

Being proud of ourselves for spending a very urban-chic evening out, we ended the evening at mine and Alisa's favorite ever Indian restaurant, Breads of India. I ordered chicken tikki masala. It's the only thing I ever order there; it's the only thing I will ever order there. It was a big table because, though urban-chic, we are still very mormon.


alisa said...

i really like gnu's halo just to the right (his right) or his head...awesome and well deserved...it shows that although he may be an angel, he's got a little trouble inside of him. or wait, is that the flash off of the sword on his head protecting his hopes and dreams? it is! i take back the angel thing completely. angels don't call their friends a-faces.

Bret said...

I will only continue to read if it says dichotomy every time

Renee said...

YESSSS!!!! (with accompanying arm pump)

erica said...

You are my new favorite blogger :) And this is a plus, since all my past fav bloggers were strangers. And I agree with Bret, you should endeavor to include dichotomy in every post...somewhat like Chirs Van Allsburg puts that little spotted dog in every book.

Sarah said...

(sighing) ahh... overall a witty, interesting, and welcome break from my pursuit of being a boil on the butt of humanity.

gamine said...

yay! I was wondering when you'd join us in blogland.

徐若瑄Vivian said...
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